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libodbc++ Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
odbc::BytesA chunk of bytes
odbc::CallableStatementA prepared statement suited for stored procedure calls
odbc::ConnectionA database connection
odbc::DatabaseMetaDataProvides several tons of information about a data source
odbc::DataSourceA Data Source
odbc::DateAn SQL DATE
odbc::DriverAn ODBC Driver with it's information
odbc::DriverManagerThe DriverManager
odbc::DriverMessageUsed internally - represents the result of an SQLError call
odbc::ErrorHandlerBase class for everything that might contain warnings
odbc::PreparedStatementA prepared statement
odbc::ResultSetA result set
odbc::ResultSetMetaDataProvides meta data about a result set
odbc::SQLExceptionThe exception thrown when errors occur inside the library
odbc::SQLWarningRepresents an SQL warning
odbc::StatementA simple non-prepared statement
odbc::TimeAn SQL TIME
odbc::TimestampAn SQL TIMESTAMP
odbc::TypesSQL type constants

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