Roadmap for libodbc++ development
Note: this map is shouldn't be taken seriously. libodbc++ is in production use at several sites, with the current focus on maintenance (e.g. 0.2.3 added support for recent GNU tool chains).

Version Planned change/feature Status Notes
0.2.0 Provide base functionality of DriverManager, Connection, DatabaseMetaData, Statement, PreparedStatement, CallableStatement, ResultSet, ResultSetMetaData done DatabaseMetaData lacks a couple of ODBC3-dependent methods.
A build procedure usable to public done Win32 build still needs serious polishing.
0.2.1 Support for QT done Provide a compile-time switch, which would cause the library to use QString instead of std::string, QIODevice instead of std::istream and QByteArray instead of odbc::Bytes.
Make a scrolling ResultSet behave better with ODBC 3 drivers. done (in theory) There still are problems, mostly due to specs vs real world inconsistensies.
0.2.2 Bugfixes done (hopefully) Fix bugs from 0.2.1
Civilize win32 build done Add targets to the win32 makefile, to allow building with QT
0.2.3 Ability to use any ODBC compliant environment, not just driver managers started  
0.2.4 Bugfix release N/A Fix bugs from 0.2.3
0.3.0 Batch operations N/A The addBatch() / clearBatch() / executeBatch() methods of Statement and PreparedStatement.
Make parts of the library thread-safe partially done DriverManager and instances of Connection should be fully reentrant. An application should be able to cancel a Statement.
Complete the documentation almost done The class reference should be complete.
0.4.0 Wide character (UNICODE) support N/A Implement a compile-time switch to make the library use wide strings and streams. This should be available in qt-mode as well.
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Last updated: 2003-11-27